Hardware maintenance and repairs


Hardware maintenance and repairs

Ensuring the continuity of operations of IT infrastructure constitutes our basic activity.

Each system downtime, be it a server or the computer of a given employee, brings measurable loss to the organization. Personal computer downtime means.

Depending on the issues reported by our Customers, we are able to organize the work of service teams accordingly and if necessary, add expert engineering resources to the service structure.

Scope of services:

  • Reporting the issues by phone, e-mail or the support system,
  • Logistics of hardware and spare parts,
  • Regular checkups,
  • Hardware conservation,
  • Service interventions upon request,
  • Respecting the guaranteed repair deadline,
  • Providing replacement hardware for the period of repair by the external service,
  • Extended services after the expiry of warranty period,
  • The service with better parameters than offered by solution manufacturer.

for the company and institution!