Computer networks


Computer networks

Thanks to a dozen years of experience we understand how IT used to help in business transformations and now, we can assist you in making your business ready for the future.

We provide technologies and network solutions to the biggest companies in Poland by offering a complete service package starting from infrastructure audit, through design and implementation up to solution maintenance. Our engineers and architects have the appropriate expertise, experience and take part in trainings by leading network infrastructure providers.

We can provide:

  • Wired and wireless networks, VPN for remote access, traditional WAN and LAN networks as well as latest generation SD-WAN and SD-LAN,
  • Network security – hazard detection, firewalls and solutions enabling active network management,
  • Secure staff mobility also following the BYOD model, mobile devices management systems, endpoint security, privacy and authentication,
  • Tools for online, audio and video cooperation,
  • Consolidation, virtualization and transformation of data centers,
  • Cloud services: public cloud, private and hybrid cloud,

for the company and institution!